Company Overview

We identify and qualify the candidates who are most likely to be the best fit for you. The candidates we target have displayed leadership skills within their industries, giving you the confidence you need when adding a new member to your team

  • Purpose: To be a leader in the HR industry by providing enhanced services, relationship and profitability.
  • Vision: To provide quality services that exceeds the expectations of our esteemed customers.
  • Mission statement: To build long term relationships with our customers and clients and provide exceptional customer services by pursuing business through innovation and advanced technology.

Core values:

We believe in treating our customers with respect and faith• we grow through creativity, invention and innovation. We integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business functioning.

  • Interview strategy
  • Arrangement and debriefing
  • Selection coaching
  • Offer
  • Closing
  • Follow-up management

There are 6 key components to The Elite Force Staffing search process:

ELITE Force Temp to Hire Services

Temporary-to-hire staffing gives you the unique option to evaluate an employee’s performance on-site before making a final hiring decision—ensuring the new employee is a good fit with co-workers, company culture, and day-to-day responsibilities.

Elite Force Temp-Services

Elite Force temporary staffing features

  • Elite Force provides employees to serve numerous industries and needs, at short or long notice
  • State-of-the-art training and evaluation programs
  • We conduct extensive industry research
  • Staffing support when and where you need it
  • Elite Force Payroll Centres process more than 50,000 documents per week

Your benefits

  • Flexible, responsive temporary staffing support to meet your specific needs
  • One-stop staffing source covering a wide range of professional and technical skill sets
  • Ensures our employees have the skills needed to succeed on the job
  • With tested and trained employees, you receive continuity of operations
  • To ensure our workforce is prepared to meet the needs of traditional and non-traditional work environments
  • Keeps daily employee interactions focused on performance rather than on payroll issues
  • Reduce labour costs by adding staff when necessary to hit key deadlines and cover vacations or other absences

Elite Force Staffing Temp-Services

Tailored to meet your requirements, Elite Force Staffing complete end-to-end recruitment service is designed to deliver robust results that will improve your hiring outcomes and enhance your retention rates. You can be assured of consistent delivery of our various services ranging from our Temporary, Permanent, Graduate and Volume/Bulk recruitment. You are also welcome to explore our HR Solutions and Unbundled Services providing specialist and various values add offerings.

Elite Force Services

We recruit roles in: INDUSTRIAL

Roles we recruit in: Commercial

We recruit roles in: Contact Centre

Elite Force Staffing Payroll Services Features

  • Elite Force assumes all legal obligations for select employees' wages, payroll deductions, unemployment insurance and workers' compensation
  • Your company continues to review employee time cards to verify hours worked
  • Elite Force provides simple weekly invoicing, including digitally imaged time card copies
  • Elite Force handles all payroll-related employee issues and concerns, from supplying customized enrolment packets to fielding payroll questions
  • Elite Force Payroll Centres process more than 50,000 documents per week

Your Benefits

  • Reduced administrative time
  • Peace of mind that payroll is being handled conscientiously, according to local laws
  • Centrally-coordinated consistency for multiple locations
  • Retained on-site accuracy and cost-control benefits
  • Invoicing accuracy confirmation
  • Significantly improved record-keeping
  • Reduced overhead and paperwork without sacrificing quality
  • Keeps daily employee interactions focused on performance rather than on payroll issues
  • Our payroll capabilities can keep pace with your growth